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We proudly serve the greater Milwaukee area, including West Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, and Elm Grove. Stephen Dent Construction offers all of the best options in construction today. From efficient homebuilding to state-of-the-art materials, Stephen Dent knows what you’re looking for in a home. Stephen Dent has been in business since 1968, so you know it’s a name with lasting value and resistance to the strains of the economy. Stephen Dent clients return time and time again because of the quality of our work. With almost an entirely referral based business, we know we must be doing something right!

Our construction managers and contractors at Stephen Dent are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Stephen Dent brings you the assurance of warranty protection on nearly every type of construction we do. Additionally, not one ounce of cement will be mixed or poured until you are satisfied with the plans and details of any project Stephen Dent does for you. We offer 24 hour customer service – so you can discuss the details of your project from beginning to end with a member of the Stephen Dent team at your convenience.

Custom Built Homes with Stephen Dent

If you’re in the market to have a custom home built for you and your family you can rest assured that Stephen Dent Construction has the experience to make your dream a reality. We have built hundreds of custom built homes from the ground up, ranging from $200,000 to $900,000. Our architects will sit down with you and listen to how you envision your home from the floor to the ceiling.

Your custom home will be drafted and modeled in a 3d environment so you and your family can experience a virtual walkthrough before the first brick ever gets laid. Only once you are completely satisfied with the design will Stephen Dent Construction starts the building process. It’s our dream to make your dream home a reality.

Stephen Dent Construction Services

We invite you to look into the services we offer and see for yourself why Stephen Dent is head and shoulders above the rest of greater Milwaukee’s construction competition. We know you have a choice in construction companies. Thanks for visiting Stephen Dent Construction today!

Some of what separates Stephen Dent Construction from our competitors is our commitment to making an effort towards making out construction services with as little environmental impact as possible and implementing sustainable green alternatives whenever possible in order to help our clients long term save money as well as contributing to bettering the environment.

Over the years we have put a lot of effort towards making our construction practices greener. As the push towards green buildings is becoming more and more normal, it is expected that modern homes come with a set level of expectations towards sustainability. Our customers realize this and use Stephen Dent construction because of it. We take a lot of pride in our homes we build and you will see the difference in quality from start to finish.

What to look for in a contactor

Stephen Dent doesn't want you to get ripped off from other contractors. When looking for a contractor its important to know what to look for so you don't get ripped off. Follow Stephen Dent's instruction on what to look for in a contractor on our hiring a contractor page. Stephen Dent follows all legal guidelines and is an experienced contractor with many happy customers.

Stephen Dent: On the Pulse of Best Practices for Construction Safety

A longtime construction professional and head of Stephen Dent Construction, Stephen Dent employs a wide range of safety protocols in the workplace. To this end, he leads the company in adhering to all pertinent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations, protecting workers, pedestrians, and neighboring businesses against injury from falls, vehicle crashes, improper excavations, and heavy machinery. When necessary, Dent and his team wear hard hats and steel-toe boots, as well as high-visibility clothing, gloves, and goggles as appropriate. As accidents on construction sites can and do happen to some of the most experienced builders, the company always takes extra precautions to safeguard both workers and the general public from injury.

OSHA regulations for the construction industry are codified within Standards – 29 CFR, which covers everything from specific materials to safe operating procedures for machinery. A detailed list of regulations can be found at

Stephen Dent and Green Building: Promoting Sustainability throughout Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A veteran builder and principal of Stephen Dent Construction, Stephen Dent maintains a commitment to employ the best practices of green building and environmentally friendly construction whenever possible. Over the years, he has taken note of advances to efficient building practices throughout the lifecycle of a given construction project, from design, architecture, and engineering to the finished product.

Among the hallmarks of sustainable building, green construction frequently incorporates energy-efficient design and renewable materials that reduce the incidence of air leakage, increase insulation, and heat or cool the building through natural means, such as solar panels and turf roofs. Equally important to a building’s sustainability is its ability to conserve water, which can be achieved through point of use water treatment, non-sewage and greywater for irrigation, and low-flow toilets and showerheads. Although more expensive to construct, green buildings frequently pay off through lower utility bills, a pleasant and attractive home environment, and increased property values.

Builder Stephen Dent on the Importance of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Over the course of his career as a builder, Stephen Dent Construction founder Stephen Dent has worked hard to provide his clients with some of the most popular features of green construction. A pioneering force in the development of standards for sustainable and efficient buildings, the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED has spent the past 15 years determining what many of these green features do and how best to evaluate their effectiveness.

Today, LEED accredits buildings, homes, and neighborhoods based on criteria for external design and construction, interior design and construction, and operations and maintenance. With the advent of LEED 2009, the standard has evolved to not only assess new and emerging green technologies, but also to assign four grades of certification: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. In all cases, LEED seeks to improve the green building industry through the ongoing development and application of practical and measurable standards.

Stephen Dent: Building Upon the Rich History of West Milwaukee

For over 45 years, Stephen Dent has offered a variety of construction services through Stephen Dent Construction, a development company he founded in 1968. Today, the company serves client in cities, towns, and villages throughout the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, metropolitan area. Among these is West Milwaukee, an incorporated village for more than 100 years.

Established in 1906 following its separation from the towns of Wauwatosa and Greenfield, West Milwaukee originally consisted of sizable farm properties, estates, and gravel pits. Over time, West Milwaukee grew in population and scope, transforming into a thriving suburban center with the full range of community organizations and public works departments to meet residents’ needs. From its original population of 909 to the present count of 4,200-plus, West Milwaukee today features police and fire departments, a health department, a municipal court, a parks and recreation department, and two public schools: Pershing Elementary and West Milwaukee Intermediate.

Stephen Dent Construction: Building in Elm Grove and Beyond

Since its founding in 1968, Stephen Dent Construction has offered a wide range of construction services to clients in and around the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, region, including locations in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, and elsewhere. One such location, Elm Grove, has been a vital part of the Milwaukee metro area since its settlement by pioneers in the early 1800s. With the introduction of the railroad in the 1850s, Elm Grove experienced the rapid expansion of trade and community development common to many remote settlements of the time. Part of the Town of Brookfield for much of its early history, Elm Groove became an independent incorporated village in 1955, ushering in a new era of growth and prosperity. Today, the village is run by a president and board of trustees, who oversee activities of its various public works, legal, recreation, zoning and planning, fire, police, and other departments.